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Transportation in Miami

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

Miami is a big city, so it is important to know the means of transportation that this city offers to its inhabitants and to all those who plan to visit it either for tourism or business.

#Miami currently has Metrobuses, Metrorail, Trolley, Metromover systems that help mobilize within the city. But how effective are they really? Here we will explain a little how they work, their prices and locations.



The metrobus is the bus system of the City of Miami. This transport operates every day of the year and many of its routes are available 24 hours a day, making it a good option for those who seek to tour the city without any trouble and stay until late at night.

MetroBus rates are $2.25 but if you want to use this transportation several times a day we recommend you buy THE EASY CARD at any train station. the card has a cost of $5.65 for several trips in one day and extensions of 7 to 30 days for an additional cost.

If you decide to travel without this card and want to pay in cash, please note that drivers do not accept cents or $1 bills and they also do not return exchange. So go prepared with the exact amount so you don't have any inconveniences.



The Metrorail is Miami's elevated train system.It travels the city from north to south and has stops at important tourist attractions of the city. It has two lines (green and orange) and 23 stations one mile away from each other.

It is open to the public from 5h to 24h every day, its frequency is every 10 minutes during the peak hours from Monday to Friday, 15 minutes during noon and 30 minutes from 19:30h and on weekends.

To be able to travel on Metrorail you must purchase an EASY CARD or an EASY TICKET at any of its 23 stations, specifically in the machines that are located at the entrance. In these machines you can pay in cash or card and you will have the option to choose the ticket of your choice.

Each trip is worth $2.25 and the daily pass is $5.65.



These are minibuses that operate in various areas of Miami such as Coral Gables, Doral and Miami Beach for free. The Trolley has a frequency of between 15 and 35 minutes depending on the route.

Its stops are identified with their orange and green logo and operate from 6 am to 12pm monday to Saturday and Sunday from 8 am.

The Trolley is excellent for short routes within the areas in which it operates, that is if you are looking to move from the Doral to Miami Beach you will not be able to do it in this transport, which if you can is to approach some metrorail station to continue your route and be able to reach your destination.



The Metromover is an automated wagon system with 21 stations running through downtown Miami, making it ideal for moving within the Downtown area.

The Metromover is operating from 5h to 24h every day of the week with a frequency of 2

minutes in peak hours and 3 minutes the rest of the day.

If you are traveling on the Metrorail you can make a connection to the Metromover at the Government Center and Brickell stations, in this last one you will be surprised by its beautiful tour around the imposing buildings of the area.


Taxi Service in Miami:

Getting around Miami by taxi can usually be a bit expensive. They have a $2.50 starting price and a $0.40 rate for each mile traveled.

The way to identify them easily is by the Yellow color and the warnings on the sides. They are located in the main tourist areas of miami and you can also get one by phone.


Shuttle Service

In the city of Miami mainly in the airport and port you will find this transportation service that works as a shared or private service depending on the routes and number of people.

The shuttles have become popular in the city and are especially recommended for groups of 4 people or more as they are vehicles with a capacity of 11 or up to 14 passengers.

Their prices vary depending on the number of people and destination, for example from the Port of Miami to the airport the price may vary for private or shared service from $12 to $16 per person.

If you want to know more prices click here.

How to book a Shuttle in Miami?

A good way to find the best private transportation and shuttle companies in Miami, is through social media and online search engines. The first thing to review is its website and comments from previous customers, this will help you to know a little more about the company and verify its existence.

Most companies do not have a system to make online bookings, so be prepared to call or send emails to know the prices of the transfers, this process could be long or short depending on the company you have chosen.

If you need an instant quote click here.


Miami Bus Service

Travel with Sensation Tours and arrive on time to your destinations, our Transportation Service in Miami with Charter Bus Rentals and black Mercedes Benz Sprinters Van with enough space for luggage, seat belts in all seats, licensed professional drivers and experts in area. Perfect for special events, weddings, co-op groups and school events and much more!

Rent a car

If you want to have absolute mobility and not depend on schedules and routes the best option is to rent a car in the city.

However, keep in mind that most tourist areas almost all parking lots or parking areas are paid for. It is essential to have a gps to be able to mobilize if you do not know the routes.

To rent a vehicle it is necessary to have a driver's license, have more than 25 years old and 2 years of experience, among other requirements. One of the most common places to rent a car is at the airport although you might be surprised by the difference in lower prices offered by small car rental businesses in the surrounding area of the Miami Airport.

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